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The House Devils

Irish traditional music.

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About The House Devils

One day back in 1930s Dublin, Matt's grandma Mary Fahey was walking down Rialto Street when she stopped to chat to a neighbour.

When the conversation turned to the subject of their respective children, the neighbour remarked that Mary must be very proud of her son Colm (later to become Matt's dad) as he was such a “lovely, well-mannered boy”.

Mary replied that Colm was indeed a fine young man, but that he could be a handful at times, especially at home. When the neighbour expressed surprise at this, Mary replied, “You know what they say: Street Angel – House Devil!”

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  • Sat 15th September

    Midland Game Fair, Shropshire

House Devils Reviews

"..excellent vocals...harmonica playing is outstanding.." "If Irish music is your passion, you will not be disappointed.."
"The instrumental sets are catchy and intoxicating."
"...intelligent instrumental medleys that are lively and expertly played..." "Matt sings warmly and intuitively,..." "A genuinely refreshing release..."
"They take no liberties with the tunes and everything is well played."
"This is a brilliant album!"
"Passionate and inspiring."
"Robust, hearty Irish folk music...a nice,strong album with good material...Definitely worth checking out!"
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